Call Center – Manually adding activities with a filter

There are many ways to add activities to a contact in MarketSharp. With the Call Center activities are added in 3 general ways: Manually adding individual activities, Manually adding activities with a filter, Lead Captures adding activities automatically. Manually adding individual activities To add an individual activity for use with […]

Conversion Ratio or Total Numbers

CONVERSION RATIO: This reporting method was the way the reports calculated prior to this release (1.39 and before). So, if you’re looking for the way the reports ran prior to this release, choose this option when running the report. Conversion Ratio calculates based on how many times a lead converted. […]

MarketSharp Backups

Your Data is safe with MarketSharp. Currently a full backup is done nightly and 14 days worth of these backups are currently kept. During the day transaction log backups are performed every hour from 6am to 11pm and we keep the current and previous days log backups (2 days worth). […]

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are used any time you feel we have forgotten something or left something out of MarketSharp M. It is important to note that Custom Fields do not show up in reporting, so keep that in mind when you choose what to use Custom Fields for. To add a […]