Getting Started

You’ll find the MOST important tools to “get you started’ in the right direction with MarketSharp.  As you begin, you will learn basic concepts and then gain experience with other important features.

New Users

This section provides new users with the foundational tools to set up MarketSharp.

MarketSharp & Your Computer

Get an understanding of the specific computer requirements for MarketSharp to operate optimally.

Managing Your Employees

Configure the ‘role-based’ employee set-up to secure your system, yet allow important data to be accurately shared.

Setting up the Admin Section

Add your company profile details, logo and personalize MarketSharp to fit your business.


Learn about  additional data and file storage options and conversion practices for MarketSharp.

MarketSharp Workflow & Customization

Get ideas from worksheets to plan out your MarketSharp strategies.

My Account

View and edit details about your account settings.


Review backup schedules and download important data.