How to Add a Lead

  1. Go to the Leads Record View

Lead Record View

2.  Choose Add New Lead

Add New Lead

3. Search for duplicates

a. NOTE: the less information you put in this area the better

4. If no matching contacts are found choose Create New

Check for Duplicates

5.  Enter the Contact information

6.  Choose Save and Add Inquiry

Contact Maintenance

7.Enter the Inquiry Information

Add Lead Inquiry

8. Choose Save and Add Appointment

9.  Enter the Appointment Information

10.  Choose Save

Add New Appointment

NOTE: to transfer a Lead to a Customer, change the Appointment Result to something that means sold

Appointment Result Sold

Handling Repeat Business

  1. Search for the Customer
  2. Go to the Customers Record View (clicking on the link in the Search Results area will do this)

Quick Find Results

3. Go to the Inquiries and Appointments Tab of the Customer Record

4.  Choose Add Lead Inquiry

Customer Record Add Lead Inquiry5.  Enter the Inquiry Information

6.  Choose Save and Add Appointment

Customer Lead Inquiry

7.  Enter the Appointment Information

a.  NOTE: Entering an appointment result that means Sold will transfer the Lead to  Customer

8.  Choose Save & Create Job

Customer Appointment


9. Enter the Job information

Add Job

10. Click Save

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