How to Add an Activity

Adding an Activity

Add an activity in the Activities Tab within a contact record by clicking on the Add Activity button.

The Activities Tab also allows for scheduling several activities or a process at once.  Activity Processes are set up in the Admin section.

The next step is to add the details of the Activity

Activity Type describes the nature of the activity; what is actually happening. Activity types may have slightly different meanings depending on the business, but they all will allow for scheduling the next appropriate step in the sales cycle for an individual contact.

Activity References are a way to clarify what the activity is for; such as confirming an appointment, follow-up sales phone calls, sending an email, etc.  Add to or edit the Activity Reference options by clicking the blue hamburger icon .  This allows the list to be customized to fit specific business terminology.

Add an employee to which the Activity should be assigned. Add a due date and time and a reminder that will populate the designated amount of time prior to the Activity becoming due.

Reminders will show up on both the Dashboard when first logging into MarketSharp.

As well as in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

After all information is entered, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

See the scheduled Activity on the Activities Tab on the contact record

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