Adding Meta4 Clickonce Launcher Browser Extension

“Cannot Start Application” Message

If you see this error message when trying to print or edit a print file, that means you need to add an extension to your web browser, Meta4 Clickonce Launcher. 

The extension is needed for all supported browsers: Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.   

Please note our print files are only supported by Windows based PCs, so Safari is not listed here. 

If using Chrome or Firefox, click the applicable link below to add the extension to your browser.   

Meta4 Clickonce Launcher for Google Chrome **

Meta4 Clickonce Launcher for Firefox 

**If using Microsoft Edge, you’ll need to do one more step as the Microsoft Store doesn’t currently offer the Meta4 Clickonce Launcher extension.

In Edge, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your window and choose Extensions.  On this new window, there should be an option in the lower left if your screen to allow extensions from other stores; toggle that switch on. 

Now that this is enabled, go ahead and use the Meta4 Clickonce Launcher link for Chrome posted above and follow the remaining instructions!

Installing Meta4 Clickonce Launcher

After clicking the link, choose Add to Chrome or Add to Firefox. It should also download an .exe file, so when you see that click on it and run it to fully install the extension. 

You should see this message upon successful installation:

Now head back to MarketSharp and try to edit or print your print file again. You should now be prompted to install our Print File Manager. Go ahead and install this:

After it’s installed, your print file should open in Microsoft Word. You may have to click Enable Content:

This setting can be changed to prevent Word from crashing, and so you don’t have to enable the content each time you generate a print file. 

Enabling Content in Microsoft Word

Open up a blank document in Microsoft Word. Click File then choose Options. Click on Trust Center.

Next choose Trust Center Settings

Finally, select Enable All Macros, then click OK on both boxes.

Regenerate your print file and you should be all set!

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