Adding/Editing Appointments

There are 2 different ways to add appointments in Marketsharp.

The first way is to start from the contact record and click on the Inquiries & Appointments tab.


If you do not have an inquiry added you will need to add one by clicking Add Lead Inquiry.

You cannot add appointments without first adding an inquiry

After filling out all of your inquiry information click the Save & Add Appointment button to add a new appointment.

After clicking on Save & Add Appointment, your appointment screen will pop up and you will then start filling out the appointment information.

Start in the top left corner of the appointment screen and select who is setting this appointment in the Appt Set By field. The Appt Set Date will auto populate the day and time you click the add appointment button.

Next fill out the Appt Date/Time and select a Salesperson 1 for that appointment.  Add another person to Salesperson 2 if necessary.

You can also fill out the Date Issued field to track that the appointment was issued to the salesperson.


Select the Appt Type and add any notes if needed.

If you do not know what time you have open on your calendar, you may click the calendar icon next to the Appt Date/Time to go to your calendar to select a time and date.

You may also add a confirmation activity to remind you to confirm the appointment by clicking the Add Confirmation Activity button.


After you have filled out all these areas simply click Save to set the appointment.

After the appointment has been saved it will have all the information inside the Inquiries & Appointments tab for you to easily view.

The appointment will also show up on your calendar.

The second way to add appointments is to use the Calendar to set the appointments.


First click the Calendar tab at the top of the screen.

You will then want to select the view in which you wish to see your Calendar.


After selecting the view you wish to use, you can then find an open date/time on your calendar. Right click and click on Add Event to start setting up an appointment.

Once you click Add Event, your appointment screen will open for you to fill out.

Sales appointments in Marketsharp must be tied to a Contact for them to be set on the calendar.

To find the contact for which you wish to set the appointment, click on Find Contact

The Search for Contact screen will open to either search for or create a new contact.


Once the contact is found, select them by clicking the name.



Clicking the name will auto-populate the contact information into the appointment.


Fill in the rest of the appointment information and click Save to add it to the calendar.

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