Calendar Overview

The Calendar allows for any kind of scheduling such as, scheduling appointments, installations, or even just scheduling an employee’s vacation time.  The My Calendar tab displays appointments for the current user.  The Sales Calendar displays all appointments for users defined as a salesperson employee type. The Production and Service Calendar shows all work orders and production work for all users defined as service or work crew employee types.  Each calendar has the ability to add, edit, and delete appointments as well as customize which resources are displayed.

Calendar Functionality

View a single day, week, month, year, or daily time line by clicking on the corresponding buttons.   The Agenda displays details of the day’s appointments.

Split View mode allows for comparing resources in a side-by-side layout.  Print the view or export to PDF or iCal formats.

Resource Groups correspond to employee types.  Each employee is assigned an employee type by the MarketSharp Administrator.  Selecting a resource group will display the names of the employees assigned to that employee type under Resources.  Select which employee’s calendars to view.

The left hand navigational calendar always shows the current date highlighted.  Select any date on the calendar to view its appointments.

Use the arrows to advance to a later date. In Day view, using the arrows will advance the date by one day.  In Week, Month, or Year view, it will advance to the next week, month, or year.

Adding a General Appointment

Double click the time on the calendar the appointment starts. Select General as the appointment type.


Select a Category (this is optional).

Select a Resource. Enter the Start Time  and End Time for the appointment.  A Subject, location and description can be added if necessary. Click Save or Save and Email this Event to send an event email to the employee listed as the Resource on the appointment.

Edit/Delete an Appointment:

To edit or delete an appointment on the calendar,  click the on appointment.   Select Edit to open the appointment, or Delete.  

Export to PDF or iCal Format

Select export to PDF or iCal


The Production tab allows you to create production tasks and process steps required to complete the job sold. It tracks start/end dates, work crews assigned, and job completion.  Production Tasks are a series of steps required to complete a production task.  Production tasks and their associated steps are created in the Admin Section of MarketSharp.

Watch a 2 min training video: MarketSharp Mini: Understanding the Production Process



Add a Sales Appointment:

Double click the time on the calendar the appointment should start. Select Sales Appointment as the type.  Verify the Start and End Times are correct.


Note:  If the appointment is for a current customer, click Find Customer.  Enter the name of the contact, click search, and select the contact.  If the appointment is for a new customer, click the Create New button to add a new contact record.  

Select the Inquiry, or choose New Inquiry to create a new one.  It will automatically default to the most recent Inquiry.

Enter the Appt Type, Salesperson, and Date Issued. Click Save or Save and Email This Event.

NOTE: After clicking Save or Save and Email this event, the description box will auto-populate the Product as well as the Contact information.



 Add a Production Appointment/Task:

Click Production link for the contact’s job.  (Production tasks must be created on the Customer Record View)


Select a Work Crew or Worker(s) if needed.

To add a Production Process, select a process from the Production Tasks drop down and click Add Process. Individual tasks can also be added by clicking Add New Task.

Assign steps to individuals using the Assigned To drop down. (Optional) Create necessary work orders by clicking on the check box next to the House icon.  (Optional) Click the Post-It note icon to add notes to the process step.

Click the check box next to the calendar icon.  The calendar icon will highlight, indicating the step has been scheduled.  Click the calendar icon to go directly to the scheduled production appointment on the Calendar Tab.

Note: Use the arrows to arrange step order.  Click the Add New Task to create a new step.  Click Save




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