Call Out Scripting

Call Out Scripts are used within the Call Center feature of MarketSharp.  The scripts are meant to assist with basic phone conversation flow when reaching out to Leads or Customers.  The Call Out Scripts are created within the Admin section.  Each script created will need to have an Activity Reference assigned to it, which in turn will be assigned to a specific Calling Queue within the Call Center.  This way each Calling Queue can have its own script if needed!

To add or edit scripts, go to the Admin section of MarketSharp.

Look for the Quick Lead Entry and Scripting Setup box, and click on Call Out Script Setup

Adding a new Call Out Script will look like this.  Manually type in any necessary verbiage, or choose to use the default scripts already available in MarketSharp. Depending on the reason for the call, merge fields will be available to help populate Appointment data or Contact information.

The Activity Reference is important to note. This reference is how a script is assigned to a Calling Queue in the Call Center.

When creating a script, assign a chosen Activity Reference

Head back to the Admin section of MarketSharp. Look for the Call Center Setup box, and click the Calling Queue Setup link.

Click the blue edit pencil on the chosen Calling Queue.  Assign that same Activity Reference. This will place the script as available on any calls placed to the contacts in this queue.

To view the script while making outbound calls, a user must be logged into the Call Center and ready to make calls.

Click the Call Out button to retrieve the call and contact information.  Here is where the script is pulled up.  Click on the blue clipboard icon that is placed above the timer.



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