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Marketsharp integrates with Call Source for call recordings with your Leads and Customers. Call Source will record the call, and will push the recording into Marketsharp where it can then be attached to the corresponding Contact Person. This document explains how to set up this integration!

1. You will need to have Marketsharp’s Support team turn ON the integration to start. Please call 800-596-4368 or email [email protected] to request to have this feature activated.

2. Once this is activated, there is a small amount of set up that needs to be done in your Marketsharp Admin section. Start by going to your Admin page.


3. Go to the Employee Maintenance section. Locate your name and click on the BLUE KEY SYMBOL to access your employee Permissions.

4. Turn on the 800Response Permission, this is tied directly to the Call Source set up permission. Scroll to the bottom and click SAVE PERMISSIONS.


5. Now head back into the Admin page and locate the Call Source option in the Apps & Adds-On Setup section.


6. Click the TEMPLATE ACTIVITY button at the top. Here you will set up the Default Activity settings that will be tied to each Contact Record when a new call recording is sent over from Call Source.


7. Click Save and you are done! Lastly, you will need to reach out to Call Source to advise them that you have completed the set up with Marketsharp. Call Source will finish the integration set up on their end!




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