Calling Queue Data

The Calling Queue Data page provides a detailed list of contacts that reside within a calling queue.  This information can be used to help prepare call center managers for upcoming calls.  It also could provide an idea of when the heaviest call loads will be during the day.

Locating the Calling Queue Data Page

To access the Calling Queue Data Page, navigate to the admin page.  Locate the Call Center Setup tile and select Calling Queue Setup.

On the Calling Queue Setup page, select the icon on the right side below Matching Contacts column to view the Calling Queue Data Page.

Calling Queue Data Page

By default, the Calling Queue Data Page will be sorted by the Available to Call in an ascending manner (oldest to newest) and the contacts that do not have an available to call time are placed at the end of the list.  Keep in mind that this list will be ever-changing. Things such as new leads automatically added to the calling queue via lead capture or users resulting calls with the call center will cause this list to change frequently.

Located in the upper left is a drop down that provides an option to switch between existing calling queues

To the right of the drop down is a blue ?.  Hovering over that icon indicates that contacts that are currently on a call are not included in this list.

Below the Queue Name drop down, are page numbers.  On the right side, you can adjust the page size of how many contacts you wish to view on the a page.  By default, it will always be a page size of 30.  The max value per page is currently 500.

Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column header.

Columns can also be searched.

Each column that can be searched has a small key to the right of it.  Clicking on that small key provides additional filter type options like greater than, less than, contains, equal to, begins with etc depending on what kind of data the column contains (i.e. dates or names).

When selecting a field with dates and times in it, you have a couple of options on filtering the dates.

You can choose a date by hitting the down arrow and selecting a date on the mini calendar.

You can type in a specific date and hit enter to get the results

The key to the right of the date selection gives more options to include more results.  If you wanted to see how many contacts are available to call after, before or not on a certain date, you can select one of the listed options under the key.

Callbacks, Calling Queue Overrides and Available to Call

The Callbacks and Calling Queue Overrides are indicated by a blue check.  If a Callback has an employee assigned to it, it will be listed in the next column, Callback Employee Name.  If it does not, it will be left blank.

The available to call column will account for a Callback or if there was a Calling Queue Override.

For example, the screenshot below is sorted by Callback Employee Name.  There are four assigned call backs indicated by each row, the blue check under the Employee Callback and the names under the Callback Employee Name column (blurred out).  The Available To Call time takes this into account and represents the employee Callback time.



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