Contact Record View

What is a Record View?

(Prospect, Lead, & Customer Record View)

A contact’s Record View is the area of MarketSharp where all data is entered for specific a Prospect, Lead, or Customer. This is where a user will find the contact’s name, address, phone number, and any other data entered. This is also where inquiries, appointments, and jobs will also be entered.

Why Access the Record View?

A user can use this area to enter and track the following:

  1. Contact Info/Demographics
  2. Activities
  3. Attachments
  4. Additional Contacts
  5. Notes
  6. Custom Fields
  7. Inquiries & Appointments (Leads & Customers Only)
  8. Jobs (Customers Only)

How to utilize the Record View

Click the Contacts tab

Locate the contact using Quick Find


Click on Prospect, Lead, or Customer Record View to access last contact viewed

Contact Info Tab (Prospect, Lead, or Customer Info)

This is where a user can see who last edited the Prospect, Lead, or Customer’s contact information, postal information, and/or demographics.  Also view the date the Contact Record was created, as well as the Record Source.

The Customer Info Tab will also include sections Testimonials or Future Interest


On this tab, Activities can be added to create a “to-do” list for employees. These activities could range from alerting employees they need to Call Out to a contact for a specified reason, to sending an automated email or text. This tab also keeps a log of all activities relating to the contact.


A user can upload any saved file pertaining to the specific contact on this tab, such as job site photos or contracts.

Add’l Contacts

This section allows users to enter information about other individuals who may be a point of contact in the residence. This could include spouse, roommate, previous homeowner, etc.


This area will obtain any notes entered on Inquires, Appointments, or Jobs. A Contact Note can be entered here as well.

Custom Fields

Here is where any Custom Fields created in the Admin section will reside. These are fields that are not included by default in MarketSharp, but necessary for additional data entry.

Inquiries & Appointments (Leads & Customers Only)

This tab contains information about the initial lead inquiry, as well as any appointments that were scheduled based off of the initial inquiry.

Inquiry section includes the date of the inquiry, the lead sources, as well as any product interest.  The Appointment section includes the date of the appointment, the sales people that ran the appointment, how it was resulted, as well as any result reasons if applicable.

Jobs (Customer Record View Only)

Once an appointment is sold, a user will be prompted to create a job for the customer. This area is where the job information will be tracked. Some information which can be input here includes:

  • Job Name
  • Contract Status
  • Contract Date
  • Payments
  • Product Details (Attributes)
  • Production
  • Commissions
  • Costs (Job Costs)
  • Services





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