Custom Lead Capture

Custom Lead Capture Setup

MarketSharp Custom Lead Capture allows leads from web sites and/or internet lead providers to flow directly into the database.  MarketSharp creates the html code needed for the web site to capture lead data directly into MarketSharp.  Potential customers are able to visit a company web site, enter their contact information and a lead record will be created in MarketSharp.

To Add a Lead Capture

Click the Admin link from the drop-down in the upper right corner of MarketSharp.

Click Custom Lead Captures under the Lead Capture Setup box

Click Add Lead Capture

Enter the Internet Lead Provider Name, configure what the Lead Source should be, choose which Marketing Queue should be attached to each lead, and finally select who should be notified of new leads generated.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that Activity Processes are attached to each lead capture. This could be something as simple as an email out to touch base. The sooner new leads are contacted, the better!

After configuring the lead capture, click Save

Click Get HTML Code.

This code is used to push leads into MarketSharp. Provide to the appropriate person so that it can be implemented.  They styling of the form may be changed as well.

Test the new form using the Test Form link. Any information entered on the test form will generate with the words TEST DATA in the name.


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