Demographics Report

The Demographics Report gives you a grouping option that essentially is your report.  It will graph out and display the results.  The grouping information is often used to display survey results from the job level (the bubble guy).

Demographics Report Images

Demographics Report Images2

Report Columns Displayed Description
Grouped Option Displays the list of the item(s) the report is being grouped on
# of Customers Displays the total of the number of contacts that fall into the grouped category
% of Customers The number of contacts in the group divided by the total number of contacts in the report

Filtering Options (ie-Date Range)
All Records
Contract Date Range
Job Sale Date Range
Job Completion Date Range

Grouping Options
Get Other Estimates
Purchase Reason
Refer Others
Sales Rep Rating
Office Staff Rating
Crew Rating
Value of Home
Contact Income Code
Contact Age Code
Contact Marital Status
Contact Structure Age Code
Contact Structure Value Code
Contact Style of Home


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