Detailed Sales Report

The Detailed Sales Report is one of the two completely customizable reports.  This report allows you to pick and choose the pieces of your report, effectively allowing you to build your very own report!

Detailed Sales Report Images

Filtering Options (ie-Date Range)
All Records
All Leads
All Customers
Inquiry Date Range
Appointment Date Range
Appointment Set Date Range
Contract Date Range
Job Sale Date Range
Job Completion Date Range
Product Sale Date Range

Grouping Options
No Grouping
Appointment Result
Appointment Date Week
Appointment Date Month
Appointment Date Quarter
Appointment Date Year
Appointment Set Date Week
Appointment Set Date Month
Appointment Set Date Quarter
Appointment Set Date Year
Lead Source Primary
Lead Source Secondary
Contact City
Contact County
Contact State
Contact Zip
Contact Date Week
Contact Date Month
Contact Date Quarter
Contact Date Year
Inquiry Date Week
Inquiry Date Month
Inquiry Date Quarter
Inquiry Date Year
Inquiry Status
Inquiry Taken By
Appointment Set By
Job Completion Date Week
Job Completion Date Month
Job Completion Date Quarter
Job Completion Date Year
Job Type
Job Sale Date Week
Job Sale Date Month
Job Sale Date Quarter
Job Sale Date Year
Job Status
Product Interest

Detail Fields
Detail fields tell you “what about” the job or contact you are reporting on. For example, if you are showing results for a specific salesperson, you will be able to see data entered about the contact.
Detail fields show on a separate, but linked page in the report.

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