Enter An Employee

In order to add employees, you will need access to employee maintenance.  As an admin, this will be available by default.

Navigate to Admin in the upper right and then select employee maintenance

Once in Employee Maintenance, click the Add New Employee button in the upper left.

**Note: Check the Show Inactive checkbox to see if you have imported employees.  If you do, you can edit those employees instead of creating new ones.

Enter the new employees information.  The red asterisks (*) indicate required fields.


Name – This is what the user’s name is within MarketSharp

Username – Used for logging into MarketSharp

Title – Title within the company

Email – Work email address recommended.  Also needed if the user wants to be able to send emails using        MarketSharp Email or the user needs to reset his/her password

Phone – Cell Phone recommended.  Also needed if the user wants to receive texts from MarketSharp Texting

Locked Out – Prevents the user from logging as well as keeping them active, but the user’s name is still available select.

Is Active – Inactivates the user.  Preventing them from logging in and having their name available for selection.  This will not remove the users name from past events such as appointments.

Employee Types – Templates that come with specific set of permissions.  The more Employee Types the user has, the more access they will have throughout MarketSharp

Password – Minimum of 6 characters with at least one number.

Bio – Bios can be used to provide a little more information about the user.  This most utilized in emails using merge fields

Picture – Max size: 100px X 100px.  Formats have to be GIF, png or jpg.  This most utilized in emails using merge fields

Why Add Employees?

Adding the company’s employees to the database allows for many things.

a. Allows Activities to be scheduled for this employee

b. Allows Appointments to be Scheduled for Salespeople

c. Tracks who entered Prospects, Leads, and/or Customers

d. Allows the ability for System Admin to allow/disallow certain areas of MarketSharp for individuals

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