Financial Data & Payments

Entering Financial Information

To enter financial data on a Job, first go to a Customer Record and click on the Jobs Tab

Then click on the blue Dollar Sign

This pulls up the Job Financing data entry screen. Enter in any applicable financial information, such as who is financing the job, the loan type, number, status and approval date, as well as the terms and rate of the loan.

Click Save at the bottom.

Adding a Payment

To add a payment on a Job, first go to a Customer Record and click on the Jobs Tab

Click the blue Dollar Sign

Click on Add New Payment

Fill out the payment information, such as the type of payment, amount, what it’s applied to and the method.

Click Save.

Go back into the Job Financing area, and you can see the Contract Worksheet. This will show any payments made and apply them to the total contract amount.

How to Collect a Payment on a Job

To collect a payment on a job, first go to the Customer Record and click on the Jobs Tab

Click on the Dollar Sign

Click Collect Payment

Enter the payment information and click Save

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