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Five9 & MarketSharp Integration


What is Five9?

Five9 is a cloud based software for managing sales, marketing and support call centers.  It allows for automated dialing and automatic call resolution.

What does the Integration do?

  1. On Incoming calls , Five9 will screen pop the MarketSharp Contact Record View for the call. (M$ QuickFind phone number search)
  1. For Outgoing calls, Five 9 will screen pop the MarketSharp Activity related to the call. (Based on Activity ID)

It automatically completes activities and updates the Activity Result, Activity Assigned To, and Activity Reference on an existing activity or it will create a new activity on a contact record

  1. For system and agent dispositioned calls, meaning calls Five9 handled where no agent was involved (like no answer, or busy signal and calls that are completed by a call center agent) it automatically completes activities and updates the Activity Result, Activity Assigned To to “Five9”, and Activity Reference on an existing activity or it will create a new activity on a contact record where the contact id resides in Five9


Five9 Objects & Terminology

  • Call

The equivalent to a MarketSharp Activity.

  • Agent

Person who takes the call.  Call Center employee

  • List

A Five9 List is comprised of contacts for an Outgoing calling campaign.  The list is created by exporting activities from the Activity List or contacts from the List View.  The import creates contact records in Five9.  Imports that come from the Activity List will result in updates to existing MarketSharp activities.  Imports from the Contact List View will result in new activities being created for existing MarketSharp contacts.

  • Disposition

A Disposition is the equivalent of an Activity Result in MarketSharp.  Dispositioning a call in Five9 is the same as resulting an activity in MarketSharp.  Five9 Dispositions are mapped to MarketSharp Activity Results in the Five9 Maintenance section of MarketSharp Admin.  When a call is dispositioned in Five9, an activity is created or updated in MarketSharp.

  • Connectors

Three Connectors will need to be created.  The first Connector will open MarketSharp and display the Contact Record View (based on a phone number search) for an Incoming call within a Five9 tab.  The second connector will open MarketSharp and display the activity related to an outgoing call within a Five9 tab.  These two connectors are fired when an agent accepts a call.  The third Connector specifies which data fields are sent to MarketSharp, and when to send them.  The activity_id, contact_id, and campaign_name fields are assigned to the connector.   This connector is triggered to send its data to MarketSharp when a call is dispositioned.  (Campaign_Name is mapped to Activity Reference)

  • Campaign

A Campaign is used to dial customers in lists imported from MarketSharp and deliver outbound or autodial calls to the call center agents.  There are typically three types of campaigns: Inbound Call campaigns, Outbound Call campaigns, and Autodial campaigns.  A campaign must be “Started” in order for Five9 to deliver calls to agents.  Lists, Dispositions, and Connectors are all assigned to a Campaign.

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The Five9/MarketSharp Process:

  1. A Campaign is created in Five9
  2. Dispositions are created or customized and assigned to the Campaign
  3. MarketSharp Connectors that contain the fields to send to MarketSharp and when to send them are created. The MarketSharp Connectors are assigned to the Campaign.
  4. A List is created in Five9 and assigned to the Campaign.
  5. An export from the Activities Tab and/or Contact List in MarketSharp is imported to the List in Five9.
  6. Field mapping is created in the Five9 Admin section
  7. The Campaign is started in Five9
  8. Five9 gives a call to an agent
  9. Agent dispositions the call which triggers the connector to send the Five9 data to MarketSharp

Result – The MarketSharp Contact Record View is opened in Five9 and an activity is either created or edited

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Steps to get Five9 Integration up and running:

Note: the only things I envision helping MarketSharp customers with are the Five9 Maintenance section in MarketSharp, creating the Five9 contact fields needed for the integration, and creating the Five9 Connectors.  I have added all the Five9 steps for support to ‘try’ the process.

  1. Create contact fields in Five9:

Adding Contact Fields – done by Five9 administrator

You will need to add two fields:

  • activityID
  • contactID

Important Before adding or removing contact fields, stop all running campaigns.

  1. Highlight Fields & click Plus sign

Five9 Documentation Images3

2. Create an activityID & contactID field

Five9 Documentation Images4

2. Create or identify an existing Campaign in Five9

 Adding Campaign:

1. Right-click Campaigns and select Add Campaign

Five9 Documentation Images5

2. Enter campaign name, and click ok

3. Select the type of campaign: Outbound, Inbound, or Autodial

4. Click Create Campaign. The new campaign appears in the list.


3. Assign any custom dispositions to the campaign (they may not have any)


1. Right-click the campaign name and select Campaign Properties.

2. Click Dispositions Tab

3. Add

Five9 Documentation Images6

4. Create MarketSharp Connectors and assign them to the campaign

There are three different connectors that could be created, depending on what the customer wants to do.

1. Create/Update Activity Connector – Assigned to Outbound Campaigns  This connector MUST be created.  It sends the data to MarketSharp.

                a. Click on Connectors. Click “+” plus sign.

Five9 Documentation Images7

2. Enter a name for the object – recommend “MarketSharp Connector”

Five9 Documentation Images8

3. Select Web Connector

Five9 Documentation Images9

4. Double click the connector to open it.

5. Enter the data below:

Description: Creates and results an activity in MarketSharpM based on ContactId in five9


Method: GET

Text on Starting Page: Please wait while the connector is started

Five9 Documentation Images10

6. Add the following Fields exactly as shown in screenshot, except db is the coid and key is the Five9 API Key from Admin Five9 Maintenance

Five9 Documentation Images11

7. Click Trigger tab

Five9 Documentation Images12

8. Select On Call Dispositioned

Five9 Documentation Images13

9.Check the Call Dispositions they want sent to MarketSharp. These disposisions will need to be mapped in the Admin/Five9 Maintenance setting to activity results.

Five9 Documentation Images14


2.Screen Pop Contact Record Connector – Assigned to Inbound Campaigns – based on phone number search. Will screen pop the contact record for an incoming call if it exists in MarketSharp.  Create this connector if you want to screen pop incoming calls with the MarketSharp contact data.

1. Setup the General tab as follows

Five9 Documentation Images15

Five9 Documentation Images16

2. Setup the Trigger tab as follows:

Five9 Documentation Images17

3.Screen Pop Activity Connector – Assign to Outbound Campaigns – based on ActivityId. Will screen pop the activity.  Use this connector if you want to screen pop activity information.Set the General Tab as Follows:

1. Set the General Tab as Follows:

Five9 Documentation Images18

Five9 Documentation Images19

4. Contact Screen pop Connector – Outbound – Use this connector to screen pop contact information for outbound calls

Five9 Documentation Images20

2. Set the Trigger tab to the following:

Five9 Documentation Images21

10. Create a List and assign it to the campaign

  1.  Right-click Lists and select Add List
  2. Name the list
  3. Click OK to add the list to the system

11. Export MarketSharp activities or customers & import to the list


  1. Export to .csv the following fields from either the Activities List View or the Contact List View in MarketSharp

First Name             Address Line1               State

Last Name              City                              Zip

  1. Import .csv to Five9 List
  1. Right-click the list, and select Update List

Records will either be added or updated to Five9 based on the Primary Phone Number.

Five9 Documentation Images22

Select the csv file for upload & click Next

Five9 Documentation Images23

Set field mapping based on headers in the csv file

Make sure your file contains ContactID or ActivityID

Five9 Documentation Images24

Click Finish & Ok.

Click Save & Yes

Five9 Documentation Images25

Assign List to Campaign

Double-click on campaign

Click List Tab

Add List & Save

Five9 Documentation Images26

12. Assign User Skill Levels to Campaign (this determines which users are given calls. These should already be setup in Five9)

Five9 Documentation Images27

13.MarketSharp Five9 Maintenance Setup

Enter Five9 username & password

Create Five9 API Key

Map Call Dispositions to Activity Results

Map Five9 Users to MarketSharp Employees

Map Five9 Campaigns to MarketSharp Activity Reference

Five9 Documentation Images28

14.Start campaign in Five9

Right-click on campaign & select Start InBound

Five9 Documentation Images29




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