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The Forgot Username or Password? is located on the login screen below the fields of where you enter in your log in credentials.  To reset your password, the functionality requires the user to have a working email and access to that email since that is where the reset functionality will start.  You will also need to know your username and company Id.

If you are not able to receive the email for resetting your password and you are not the system admin, you can refer to a system admin within your company to change your password for you.  More info can be found on the Changing Employee Passwords page

Resetting your own password

You will want to start by going to to access the Log in page.

If you do not know your username, you can contact our team at 1-800-596-4368 or a system admin on your end

If you have the company Id and username ready, enter them into the fields on the right and click Continue

Clicking Continue will send an email that is tied to that username entered.  Once you receive the email, you will want to either click on the Reset Password Button or copy and paste the URL link into a browser

The Reset Password Button or the URL link will take you to the password update page where you can update your password

It will inform you of the criteria of what is needed to be entered and whether or not your passwords match

The criteria is at least six characters with at least one number

Once your passwords match, click Update.  You will be redirected to the login page in 5 seconds or less.  If you do not get redirected to the login page, click on the link that says Click here

Enter your new password in and log in to MarketSharp

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