General Setup

What is General Setup?

The General Setup area is located under Company Setup in the Admin section of MarketSharp allows for the admin to update company information. This is where the address, contact information, and postal permit info for your company is stored. This is also the area of MarketSharp where the company logo can be uploaded. Much of this information will be displayed at the very top of the MarketSharp database.

Why update General Setup?

General Setup should be completed for numerous reasons. The number one reason is because much of this information can be used to auto-populate print files, documents, and MarketSharp Email templates. By using the proper merge fields into these forms of marketing, much of your contact information and company logo can be pulled directly into the templates. This saves the user time by not having them have to type or add this to each letter/email.

Another reason a company may want to keep their General Setup up to date is simply for aesthetics. Having the company logo and information up to date gives your database a personal touch. With your company’s information being displayed, a user knows it is THEIR company.  It also serves as a clickable link to get back to the company’s dashboard.

How to update General Setup

Navigate to the Admin section and select General Setup under Company Setup

Update fields with most recent company information

Select Choose File and locate image file on computer of company logo

Resize image with Microsoft Paint or any other photoshop program to parameters shown below

Company Postal Information (optional)

Update/Enter any company postal/permit info

NOTE: Postal info (if entered) can be pulled directly onto print files/envelopes

Be sure to save all your General Setup changes at the bottom of the page

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