Generating Quote Print File

Generating a Quote Proposal Document

Sending a file of a Quote to a client is essential. Marketsharp will provide a default template out of the box. Below is an image of the template. The first thing you will want to do is remove the red paragraph. This is needed for legal reasons. The next step would be to replace the company logo. It is easiest to simply right click on your company logo in the top left of Marketsharp and select COPY, then PASTE the image into the template.

1. To generate a file for a Quote, click on the “Quotes” link in the appointment or go to the “Quotes” tab on the contact record. Click on the Clipboard icon.

2. This will give you a list of Templates to choose from. Choose the Quotes template you have created/renamed from our default file. Then click Generate Proposal.

3. This will open your Quote proposal in a Word document to be printed or saved!


Below is a list of all available Quote merge fields.

NOTE: The “Quote.Product_Details_Grid_All” merge field needs to be set up a specific way in order to work properly.

  • The titles of the columns are not editable.
  • The font and font size is Courier New and size 11. (If this is changed it could distort the grid lines and potentially not line up.)
  • The description column will only hold 31 characters. (Anything longer will truncate.)
  • The U/M column will only hold 13 characters. (Anything longer will truncate.)
  • The highest Qty for one line is 999.
  • Cost and Total has a limit on highest price of $999,999.99.
  • The way the discount is formatted, the highest discount that will fit is $9,999.99.


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