How to Create and Edit an Activity Process

This article will go through the steps for editing the existing default Activity Processes as well as creating a new Activity Process.  To see how to trigger an Activity Process automatically, refer to the section on Automation Rules.  To see how to manually add an Activity Process, refer to this article: Adding an Activity Process

How to Edit a Default Activity Process

Click on the Admin link in the drop-down in the upper right corner of MarketSharp

Look for the box titled Process Setup. Click the Activity Process link

There are 3 Activity Processes available to edit as default.   To edit an Activity Process, click the blue edit pencil icon.

Taking a look at the Pre Appointment Marketing Process, notice there are 3 different steps or Activities included in this process

To summarize this process, there is a letter being mailed out 1 day after it’s added (or triggered, if this process is automated), an email sent 2 days after that, and a call out 2 more days after the email.  These forms of communication would probably be reminders and/or confirmation notifications, to make sure the lead is still able to make the appointment date and time.

If using this process, there are some changes that would need to be made for it to function properly. First, specific users should be assigned to each Activity within the Activity Process.

It is technically okay to leave the Assign To field as “Current User,” but keep in mind that means whomever triggers or adds the Activity Process to the contact record would then be assigned those Activities.  

This can be problematic, especially when it comes to the “email out” step, as the email received by the lead will appear to have been sent from whomever is assigned to that specific email out activity.  This also means that if the lead replies to the email, it will go to that person’s email address.  It is recommended to have a specific person assigned to these types of Activities, as then there is a consistent email address being used.

It could also cause issues if the person that triggers the Activity Process doesn’t even have an email address tied to their user account, as then the email will never send.

Any Activities left as “unassigned” can be viewed and reassigned on the Activity List Tab. It is important to make sure these get assigned to a user, so that they aren’t left incomplete.

Another modification that needs to be made is choosing which email template gets sent out during the second step of the process

It is a good idea to have a template in mind prior to editing the Activity Process, so that the template can just be selected from the drop-down

Reminders can also be setup for the Activities that aren’t automated.

It is not necessary to set a reminder for the second step, as that is an automated email that will be sent out by the system.  Reminders will appear on the Dashboard and the lower right corner when the assigned user is logged in.

The Due Date/Time is also something that might need to be adjusted.  There are different options there as well

Immediately When Added means the Activity is due right when the Activity Process is added or triggered. When using this Due Date/Time option, it isn’t necessary to set reminders, as the Activity is due right away.

X Days at X Time After Added allows a user to set a specific time of day the Activity should be due after the Activity Process is triggered or added.

X Days, X Hours, X Minutes After Added allows a user to set a specific amount of time that should pass after the Activity Process is triggered or added before the Activity becomes due.

X Days, X Hours, X Minutes Before Appointment Date is useful for scenarios like this (a Pre Appointment Process) as the user can indicate a specific amount of time prior to the appointment before an Activity becomes due.  Note this has nothing to do with when the Activity Process is added or triggered, but is based entirely off of the date of the Appointment.

Decide if this process should function on Saturdays and Sundays.  This is important as if these boxes aren’t checked, and something automatic is set to happen on one of those days because of timing (such as an automated email or text) they would be postponed until Monday.

After all modifications are made, click Save at the bottom

Creating an Activity Process

Click on the Admin link in the drop-down in the upper right corner of MarketSharp

Look for the box titled Process Setup. Click the Activity Process link

To create a brand new Activity Process, click the Add Process button

The first thing is to name the Activity Process.  Name is something so that it is clear what this process is accomplishing.

Next is deciding whether this process is to be used Saturdays and Sundays.  Keep in mind that even if business isn’t operating during the weekend, you might want things like automated emails and texts to still send.  In that case, check these boxes.

NOTE: The For Production check box is only checked if this Activity Process is intended to be attached to a task in a Production Process. 

Lastly, figure out what the actual Activity should accomplish, and fill it out accordingly:

  1. Activity Type refers to the action being taken. Is it an Email Out, a To Do, a Call Out, etc.
  2. Activity Reference is simply a “tag” for this specific Activity. What is this specific Activity referring to? Examples would be “Set Appointment” or “Follow Up Call”
  3. Assign To is the user that should be completing this Activity. Note if it’s an automated activity, such as Email Out, then the user assigned to this step will appear as if they are sending the email, and they will also receive any responses.
  4. Due Date/Time refers to when the Activity will be assigned to the user
  5. Reminders are notifications of an upcoming Activity.  They are user-specific, and appear on the Dashboard upon logging in, as well as in the lower right corner on other pages within MarketSharp.

The Activity Process above is an example of a simple Email Out that is set to send immediately when the process is triggered.

The process can be completed here, or  more steps can be added by clicking Add Process Step

This just adds another space to fill in the information for an Activity. As many process steps (or Activities) as necessary can be added by clicking that button.

Once everything is filled out, click Save. 

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