How to do a Radius Mailing

Radius Filtering allows a user to select a group of targeted contacts within a specified distance of a person’s address (usually a job that was recently sold or installed).  View or print the list and/or send mailers to these contacts.  All records must have latitude and longitude for radius filters to work.  There must also be records in the system to perform the filter on, if the records aren’t in MarketSharp, this filtering process won’t work.

A list of prospects surrounding a specific address can be purchased from Leads Express.  Since the list would already contain contacts within a radius of an address, latitude and longitude are not needed.

NOTE: Our Development team can populate all the Latitudes and Longitudes into every Contact Record in MarketSharp for a $250 fee.

How to Create a Radius Filter: When Latitude and Longitude are present in MarketSharp

Go to the List View for the contacts section that should receive mailers

Click Add on the filter line

Give the Filter a Name

Choose the Radius tab

Search for the target in the system by typing in some of their information and clicking Find

NOTE:  People that do not have latitude and longitude will not show up in this list, nor will they be included in the radius mailing

Press Select to populate the target’s latitude and longitude

Enter the Radius (mi) to generate a list of people to mail to (ie- .5) – results can also be limited to one zip code in this area

Press Get Count to see how many records that search returns

Click Save

How to Print Mailers Using a Radius Filter

Go to the Contacts Tab

Choose Print Assistant on the left hand side for the contact section that should receive the mailers

Choose Print Wizard

Select the type of file to be sent (ie- 4-Up Postcard)

Choose the file by clicking Select. Then click Next

Choose Saved Filter and select the one that was just created from the drop-down.  Click Next

Here is the option to suppress Do Not Mail or Do Not Call contacts if necessary.  Click Next

Decide whether to Log an Activity for each contact that will receive a mailer.  Enter the Jobsite Customer Name and Jobsite Customer Address.  On the right side of the screen choose an Imprint if applicable. (This is for bulk mailing permits from the Post Office)  Click Generate PDF

Print the PDF and mail them out

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