How to Email from Outlook

Download and Install the MarketSharp Plug-in

Click on Send Email to get to the send email page

Then click on Email Current Contact (Example Name) Using Outlook


Close Microsoft Outlook if it is open

Click Get the MarketSharp M Outlook Addin (each person will need to install this once per computer if they wish to log emails or edit and create templates)


Click Install

When the install is finished, this message will display

How to Create an Email Template:

Open Microsoft Outlook

Click on the Add-Ins tab at the top of Outlook

Click Login to enter MarketSharp M login credentials into Outlook to allow the two to sync.

Once logged in, click New Email from the Home tab to create a new email


Create the template, including a Subject line. Merge Fields can be inserted via the Addins Tab

After the Template is complete, click Save As Template on the Addins Tab

How to Edit a Template:

Click Open Marketsharp Template, and a box will pop up, choose an email template to edit.

Make the necessary edits, then click Save as Template

How to Send And Log an Email (from Outlook):

Click New Email from the home tab to create a new email.

Type up the email, including the To and Subject fields.  Click Send and Log Email on the Addins Tab


How to Email via Outlook from MarketSharp:

Go to the Contact Record, click on the Send Email link

Then click on Email Current Contact (Example Name) Using Outlook

Choose which Template to send to the contact

Choose the corresponding data to merge with the template

Click Download Outlook Email File

Open the downloaded file, it should automatically open in Outlook.

Send and log the email by pressing Send and Log Email (this will create an activity in the person’s contact record that an email was sent, and it will send the email at the same time)

NOTE: To log incoming emails a user can click Log Email



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