How to Enter Job Costs

The Job Cost link module allows for entering all costs associated with a job. MarketSharp will then calculate a Gross Profit based on the Total Contract. You have the ability to add costs for Materials, Commissions, Labor, Permits, etc. Entering this information is essential for job cost reports to tabulate correctly.


Add a Job Cost

Go to a Customer Record, click on the Jobs Tab, then click the Cost link.

Click the Add Cost button.

Enter the Date and Cost Amount. Select the Cost Type and Job Cost Paid from the drop-downs. Enter an optional Description.

Click Save.

NOTE: The Commission cost pulls over automatically into the job costs.

The Cost Type is an editable drop-down, so you can enter new descriptions and decide which classification they should allocate to.

The Job Cost Paid To is also an editable drop-down.


Job Cost Report

Commision Tab 6

There is one Job Cost Report available in the Reporting Tab. This report can pull your Job Costs entered in the Costs Link from all records or by a date range.

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