How to Make a Promptable Filter

The example below will walk through creating a filter in Leads List View for product interest.  The same process may be applied in many different ways to create the filter that is just right.

Creating a Promptable Filter

Go to the Contacts Tab

Go to Leads List View

Choose Add to the right of the filter drop-down

Give the filter a name (Example: Product Interest) and a description (optional)

In the Search Column, choose Product Interest.Description

In the Operator, choose Equals (Contains may also be used if looking for all products that contain a specific word, such as all “windows” products.  This would pull any leads with a product interest that has the word windows in it)

In the Search Value select the product interest the filter should search for (or, if contains was selected, type in the product)

In the bottom left, choose the Promptable option as well as if this filter should be Personal or Public

Choose Save

To use this filter again to search the leads section for different products, simply select the filter from the drop-down, or, choose “Re-Prompt” to the right of the filter drop down, if the filter is already selected.


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