How to Turn on Dashboards

For every person that is listed as System Administrator as an employee type, the dashboard has already been turned on.  For those that are not listed as System Admin, you will need to turn the dashboard permission on using the steps shown below.

Click on your logo will get you to the dashboards page to see the information.

Don’t forget to reference the Dashboards guide if need be, by going to -> Screen Guides -> Dashboard Guide


There are dashboard permissions that might need to be turned on in the employee maintenance area.  Below are the steps to see if you have the permissions turned on.


  • Click on Admin in the upper-right hand side of MarketSharp

  • Choose Employee Maintenance

  • Choose the picture of the key to the left of your name

  • Scroll down to View Dashboard Items and Permissions and make sure that Company Sales Pace is selected

When the permissions are in place, your dashboards page can be seen by pressing your logo in the upper left hand side of MarketSharp.


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