HTML Lead Capture for Events

Use our Custom Lead Capture form to turn virtually any device into a magnet for new leads – works on any internet enabled device you can access a Web Browser on! No lost or wasted leads – say goodbye to stray pieces of paper and indecipherable handwriting! Every lead entered will sync directly into Marketsharp.

**This method will only work if you have an Internet Connection**

In this document, we will walk you through using our Custom Lead Capture HTML code to create a stand alone form to capture Lead information at Home Shows and Events. To get started, you will need to make sure that your computer Desktop shows file extensions on the documents saved to the Desktop.


First, click on the Start menu on your computer and open up the Control Panel.

From the Control Panel, choose the option Appearance and Personalization. Next look for the Show hidden Files and Folders button. When you click on this you will get a small pop up window and you will want to look for “Hide extensions for known file types” and REMOVE the check mark from this selection. Then click Apply at the bottom and close out of this window.


Next, you will go into your Marketsharp Admin Page


Scroll down and locate the Lead Capture Set Up section and choose Custom Lead Captures. You will need to create your form for your Home Show or Event. If you need instructions on how to create this, please visit this page:

Once you create this form and click save, you will see an option to click on Get HTML Code, click on this.


You will get a window with coding and you will need to highlight all of this code and copy it. A quick trick to do this is to click anywhere within this pop up box and then hit CTL + A on your keyboard. Then immediately hit CTL + C on your keyboard to Copy. You can also simply right click your mouse and choose ‘Copy‘ from the menu.


Once this is copied, open up a blank Notepad document on your computer. Right click and hit Paste. This will insert or paste the coding that you just copied from Marketsharp. You will then need to click on File and choose Save As…

You will save this file to your Desktop folder, give the file any name you would like. It would be a good idea to name this file something related to your Home Show or Event.



Once the file is successfully saved to your Desktop, you will want to locate the icon of the file. When you click on the icon you should see that the file was saved with “.txt” at the end. We will need to change this! Right click on this icon and choose ‘Rename’ from the menu.


This will allow you to click within the Name field. You will want to remove the “.txt” portion and type in “.HTML“. Once you type this in, go ahead and click your mouse anywhere on the screen. It should ask you to confirm you are changing the file.


Once this is changed, the icon will change from a Notepad into your Web Browser icon. The icon will be whichever Web Browser is your Default browser.


You can now double click on this icon and it will open a web page for you. The web page will open with a Lead Capture form. You can bookmark this web page so that you can easily access this at any Home Show or Event!

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