Importing Contacts

Importing Contacts into MarketSharp

NOTE: Prior to importing a list of contacts, Marketsharp Technical Support needs to build an Import Structure on the back-end. Please reach out prior to the first time importing.

What is Importing?

Importing a list of contacts into MarketSharp can be done with the use of an Excel (CSV or txt) file. This can be done by the System Administrator or anyone with access to the Admin Section of MarketSharp.

How to Import an Excel File

Open the Excel file

Make sure all columns are correct and ready for importing:

First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, etc each have to have their own column.

The file might look something like this: Importing Excel 3

NOTE:  The phone number(s) do not need to have any special formatting.

Remove the column header if there is one (if the column header is not removed, that row will be imported as a contact) The image above does not have a column header.

Make sure that there are no commas (,) in the file as that will cause errors when importing

Save the Excel File

Go to File in the upper left of Excel

Choose Save As

Name the file and save it somewhere it can easily be found

Choose the Save Type as  to  CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv)

Importing Excel 4

Choose Save to save the file

Go back to MarketSharp

Click Admin from the drop-down in the upper right corner

Choose Import Contacts from the Importing and Exporting box

Type in a Record Source (this needs to be unique for every import done)

Set the Contact Type is set to the area the contacts should import into (for example: Prospects)

Choose the Import Structure that will work with the file – (this will be made by Technical Support)

Click Choose File to locate the list of contacts

Choose the CSV file that was previously saved

Click Import Contacts

Wait until the green bar appears that says This file is currently being processed

Go to the Contacts Tab

Choose the List view for the section in which the contacts were imported  (for example Prospects List View)

Choose Add on the filter line

Name the filter (Suggestion: Name the filter the same as the Record Source)

In the Search Column choose Contact.Record_Source

In the Operator choose Equals

In the Search Value type in the Record Source

Choose Get Count in the bottom right to make sure the filter works

Click Save

What Data Can Be Imported?

Below is a list of information that can be imported into MarketSharp.

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Age Group

Area Code (Cell)

Area Code (Home)

Area Code (HomeFax)

Area Code (Other)

Area Code (Work)

Area Code (WorkFax)

Bar Code

Carrier Route





Do Not Fax (HomeFax)

Do Not Fax (WorkFax)

Do Not Mail


Email – DNE (Primary)

Email (Primary)

Email 2

Email 2 – DNE

Email 3

Email 3 – DNE

Federal DNC (Cell)

First Name

Full Fax Number (Home)

Full Fax Number (Work)

Full Name

Full Phone Number (Cell)

Full Phone Number (Home)

Full Phone Number (Other)

Full Phone Number (Work)

Home Value

House DNC (Cell)

Income Level

Last Name


Length of Residence


Marital Status

Middle Initial

Phone DNC Exempt (Cell)

Phone DNC Exempt Date (Cell)

Phone Number (Cell)

Phone Number (Home)

Phone Number (HomeFax)

Phone Number (Other)

Phone Number (Work)

Phone Number (WorkFax)


State DNC (Cell)



Website 2

Website 3

Written Permission (Cell)

Year Home Built

Zip Plus 4

Zip Plus 9

Zip/Postal Code

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