Logging Out of MarketSharp

Logging Out of MarketSharp

The total number of people who can log into MarketSharp M at one time is limited by the number of User Licenses in your subscription. There are three components that help us understand how logging into MarketSharp M work. If you close your browser without logging out, you could make it harder for other people to log in.

In the upper right, hover over your log in name to see a drop down.   Then select Log out.

if you are using a mobile view, you may see the icon in the upper left.  Selecting that icon will expand to all the tabs.  Select your log in name and then choose logout.

Licenses: Your system limits how many Users can log in at one time to how many licenses you have with your subscription.

Sessions: When you log into MarketSharp M, we call that a session. The session ends when you click Logout or if you are inactive for 20 minutes. A Systems Administrator can also end the session from the Admin section of MarketSharp M.

Users: Every person logging into MarketSharp should have their own user account.

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