Marketing Insight: Get More Referrals!

Think About This For A Minute…

Who do you turn to when you need an attorney, an accountant, a car repair shop, or a dentist?  Don’t you usually ask a few friends first because you’d rather not “buy cold.” Instead you’d rather be referred.  Well, what about OUR business… remodeling?

referral programAre you taking referral marketing seriously?

The fact is… referral leads are consistently your lowest cost, highest quality leads. But to truly be effective, your company should implement a “referral program” that maximizes your referral generating opportunities.

Maximizing referrals is NOT complicated, but it does take some thoughtful planning and some extra effort.  The following three steps are critical to referral marketing success…

  • Step 1:  Exceed Your Customers Expectations! Can you think of a situation where a company or product by FAR exceeded your expectations?  Did you tell others about it, I bet your customer did? – Ask them and easily follow-up with them by using your built-in MarketSharp referral campaigns!
  • Step 2:  Develop A Referral Mindset! Having a referral mindset means that you have accepted the notion that one of the most cost-effective ways of generating low cost, high quality leads is by using referrals.
  • Step 3:  Ask Ask Ask! This is the easiest part, but also the most neglected.  Simply ASK for referrals!  Send special notices to customers using MarketSharp describing your referral program.  And be sure to train your salespeople and installation crews on how to properly ask for referrals.  Why not provide them with a sheet designed to collect names from their new customers.

practical tipsUtilize MarketSharp To Tap Into This Goldmine!

Referral marketing is a philosophy; a way of doing business, a mindset that has building relationships at its core. With MarketSharp, you can create relationships, create true business friendships, and each side of the partnership will continually work to serve the other.

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