Marketing Insight: REVIVE Unsold Leads to MAXimize Profits!

Are You Ready to SUBSTANTIALLY Increase Your Lead Flow?

(without generating NEW Leads?)

Are you aware that 60% of the leads that say NO to your salespeople DO end up buying a similar project from some company within a year. (Wow!)  With that said, how many unsold leads reside within your MarketSharp program… 100, 500, 5000?  But the really BIG question is: Are you systematically communicating with your unsold leads?

Let’s face it… your unsold leads are a FANTASTIC source of new business. But, how can you “effectively convert” these expensive, unsold leads to paying, referral-giving customers?

unsold leadsThe Handwriting Is On The Wall!

First, you must realize that your unsold leads are living, breathing profit channels that need constant attention and nurturing. And secondly, to drive additional profits, you need to implement a consistent, follow-up system! And that’s the fun part… It’s so easy with the help of your MarketSharp system!

To be most effective, your unsold lead follow-up program has to be much more than a singular event and should include up to 10 follow-up ‘touches’ in the year following your initial meeting.  A touch can be any combination of correspondence: courtesy phone-calls, emails, letters, postcards, surveys, etc. (See follow-up calendar on the right.)

sequential comminicationsA typical follow-up system will include two types of communications for your unsold leads…

  1. Sequential Communications: (post-presentation follow-up) This is  more immediate type of correspondence directed to ‘individuals’. For example… A simple ‘thank you for the opportunity’ email message that evolve to more sophisticated informational gathering touch such as a ‘Lead Survey’ where you just may find out WHY they haven’t purchased yet! Or how about, a ‘Power Proposal’ – a professionally printed proposal to build trust.
  2. Ongoing Targeted Communications: (impending-event promotions) This type of communication is a periodic message directed to specific ‘Groups’ of your unsold leads.  Examples would be… ‘Second Chance’ check letters that reiterate the benefits and offers a hold-the-price promo. ‘Price Increase‘ postcard notices  on a specific product as an incentive to act now. Or, revive unsold leads by offering an ‘Relevant Event Promo’ about the energy tax credits.

built in to marketsharpIt HAS to be an Accepted Practice within your Company!

Even though the communication mechanisms listed above are built-in to MarketSharp – your company must be dedicated to reviving unsold leads to become successful. Its an ongoing process and the users of MarketSharp must recognize the importance of proper timing and frequency within your overall marketing efforts.

What To Do Next…

Create a simple ‘Plan of Action’: Have a brainstorm meeting with your marketing & sales staff to discuss this critical business strategy and layout your systematic follow-up plan!  Additionally, take advantage of the industry-specific, turnkey resources (mailers, messages, marketing kits, etc.) available to you from MarketSharp to make this important process as easy as it can be.

That’s it!  You WILL substantially increase your lead flow by reviving your unsold leads – Maximizing your profit potential!

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