MarketSharp Email Set Up

MarketSharp M now has the ability to automatically send email templates to a contact. This

Feature allows you to queue up one or more email messages to automatically be sent on a

Future date (i.e. drip marketing campaigns). The Auto Email feature leaves you worry-free

When it comes to remembering to send out those important emails.


Getting Ready to Email
Start the emailing process, by creating some email templates that you would like to send. These email
templates are separate from the email templates available in Constant Contact and the templates set up in your Outlook Addin.


To set up your Email Templates:

  1. Click the admin link in the upper right hand corner of MarketSharp.

MS Email Setup Image

2. Next under the Email Set Up area you will want to click on MarketSharp Email Templates.

MS Email Setup Image 2

3. To create a new email template from scratch you will need to click on the add template link.

MS Email Setup Image 3

4. Give the email template a name and subject.

MS Email Setup Image 4

5. Create your email using the features of the editor to format text, insert images, merge fields, and preview the email that will be sent to the customers.

MS Email Setup Image 5

6. After finishing building your email click the save button.


Using Your Template to Schedule an E-Mail

You can only schedule an auto email out with an activity or an activity process.


Using an Activity Process to Auto Email

  1. Click the admin link in the upper right hand corner of MarketSharp. (If you do not see the admin link you will need to get system admin privileges)

MS Email Setup Image 6

2. Under the Process set up area click on Activity Process

MS Email Setup Image 7

3. We will need to click “Add Process” to start creating your new email process.

MS Email Setup Image 8

4. Give the process a name if it is a new Activity Process. You will want to name it something that you will remember what you are using it for.  Also check the boxes for “Use Saturday” or “Use Sunday” if you wish your process to be used on the weekends.

MS Email Setup Image 9

5. In the first drop down menu for “Type” select “Email Out”

MS Email Setup Image 10

6. Next select the reference for the email you are sending.

MS Email Setup Image 11

7. Assign it to a specific user or leave it unassigned.

MS Email Setup Image 12

8. Select a Due Date/Due Time for the email to be sent.

MS Email Setup Image 13

9. Select what template you wish to use.

MS Email Setup Image 14

10. After you have finished setting the process up don’t forget to hit the save button.

MS Email Setup Image 15

11. Find the contact record of the person you would like to set the auto email for.

12. Find the activity tab for your contact record.

MS Email Setup Image 1613. Click the Attach Activity Process button.

MS Email Setup Image 17

14. Select the activity process you have created from the drop down menu and then click the “Attach Activity Process” button.

MS Email Setup Image 18

15. After clicking the “Attach Activity Process” button you will see your process attach and then click the save button to apply the process to the contact.

MS Email Setup Image 1916. Your Auto Email information that was stored in the Activity Process will populate (you may modify or change any activity items you would like, the activity process simply saves you the steps of entering the same activity or activities over and over again) Click the save button at the bottom of the screen.

17. Your email will be queued to send at the date and time specified.

18. To add a single activity to email the contact, again pull up the contact record of the person you wish to email and click on the activity tab.

MS Email Setup Image 2019. Click the “Add Activity” button.

MS Email Setup Image 21


20. Change the activity type to email out and select the “auto send” box (Fill out the other activity fields)

MS Email Setup Image 2221. Fill out your auto email portion of the activity by selecting a send date, who the email is coming from and what template you want to use.

MS Email Setup Image 23

22. Click save after filling out the activity and your email will be queued to send at the time and date you have specified.


For more information on Common Issues with Email Marketing click the link.



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