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MarketSharp has the ability to automatically send email templates to a contact. This feature allows one or more emails to be queued up to send at a future date and time (or right away).

Marketsharp Email Templates


To set up Email Templates:

Click the Admin link in the drop-down in the  upper right hand corner of MarketSharp.

Next, under the Email Set Up area, click on MarketSharp Email Templates.

To create a new email template from scratch, click on the Add Template button.

Give the email template a name and subject. The description is optional.

Create the email using the features of the editor to format text, insert images, merge fields, and preview the email that will be sent to the customers.

After the template is finished, click the Save button.


Scheduling an Email Using a Template

Emails can only be scheduled using an Activity or Activity Process

Using an Activity Process to Auto Email

Click the admin link in the drop-down in upper right hand corner of MarketSharp.

Under the Process Setup box, click on Activity Process

Click Add Process to start creating the new email process.

Give the process a name if it is a new Activity Process.  Also check the boxes for Use Saturdays or Use Sundays if the process should continue on weekends

In the first drop down menu for Type select Email Out

Next, select the reference for the email that is being sent.

NOTE: This is just for internal use, “what is this email referring to?”  This is also an editable drop-down, so more options can be added.

Assign it to a specific user.  Make sure the user has an email address associated with their account in Employee Maintenance.  This email address will appear in the From area of the email.  This email address will also receive any replies.

Select a Due/Date Time for the email to be sent

Select the template to be sent.

NOTE: Reminders are not needed for Email Out processes, as these complete automatically, and therefore no one needs to be reminded.

10. After you have finished setting the process up don’t forget to hit the save button.

Find the contact record of the person to which the email should send.

Click on the Activity Tab on the contact record.Click the Add Activity Process button.

Select the Activity Process needed from the drop-down menu, then click the Add Activity Process button.

After clicking the Add Activity Process button, the process will display. Click the save button to apply the process to the contact.The email will be queued to send at the date and time specified.

To add a single activity to email the contact, again pull up the contact record of the person you wish to email and click on the activity tab.Click the Add Activity button.

Change the activity type to email out and select the Auto Send Email box (Fill out the other activity fields) Fill out the auto email portion of the activity by selecting a send date, who the email is coming from and what template should be used.

Click Save after filling out the activity and the email will be queued to send at the time and date entered.

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