MarketSharp Mail

MarketSharp Mail allows for the ability to easily create and send mailers without the hassle of printing, stamp sticking, and waiting at the post office.

MarketSharp Mail offers many different options for designing a postcard.  Choose an image from the gallery, upload a pre-made design, or even make one within the site (no software or design degree necessary).

Setting up MarketSharp Mail Permissions

Click Admin from the drop-down in the upper right corner of MarketSharp

Click the Employee Maintenance link within the Employee Setup box

Click the blue key icon to the left of the employee’s name for which the permissions should be chanaged

Click on the words Feature Permissions

Put a check mark next to the MarkethSharp Mail Integration permission

Click Save Permissions at the bottom of the page

Linking MarketSharp and MarketSharp Mail

Go to the Contacts Tab

Choose either Prospects List View, Leads List View, or Customers List View, depending on what contact type the post cards are getting sent to

Change the filter drop-down to All Leads (or Prospects or Customers) or a filter contains the contacts that should receive post cards.  Click the Send Direct Mail link

Click Transfer List when the box pops up

This will redirect to the MarketSharp Mail website. Fill out a form to sign up for MarketSharp Mail, or Sign In with an existing account.

NOTE:  Only one MarketSharp Mail account will be used per Company ID


For additional assistance creating and sending mailers within MarketSharp Mail:

Quantum Digital at : 1-800-637-7373

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