Metal Roofing Alliance

What is Metal Roofing Alliance?

As the #1 educational resource for the residential metal roofing industry, the Metal Roofing Alliance helps match metal roofing contractors with interested homeowners in your area. They help consumers decide if a metal roof is right for their home, and when they’re ready, provide them with a list of contractors near their home.


How to utilize the Metal Roofing Alliance Lead Capture?

The first step to initiate this process is ensure you are a Metal Roofing Alliance member. Information can be found on the packages they offer here:

Metal Roofing Alliance

Once the company is a member of Metal Roofing Alliance, the integration needs to be setup in the Admin area.

Look for the box titled Lead Capture Setup and click the Metal Roofing Alliance link

Choose the lead sources, marketing queues, and if any applicable activity processes should be attached.  Also decide who (if anyone) should receive email notifications when a new

Click Save. This will redirect back to the Admin screen.  Click the Metal Roofing Alliance link again, there should be a Source ID that has populated.

Provide the Source ID and your MarketSharp Company ID (sometimes referred to as a COY number) to Metal Roofing Alliance to complete the integration.

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