Moving Quotes to Sold Job

Moving Quotes to Sold Job

After creating a Quote for a Lead, if their appointment turns into a Sale, there are two ways to add the quoted products to the Job. In the first example will be quoting a “Good/Better/Best” scenario and marking the quote as “Accepted”. The second example will be quoting multiple projects (roof, deck, siding), and resulting the appointment to sold and selecting multiple qotes.


Example 1: Good/Better/Best

1. An appointment has been created for a lead with 3 quotes and is in “Proposed” status. In this example we’ll say the client decides to go with the “Best” Quote. You will click the edit pencil for the selected quote.

2.  Next you will want to change the status from “Proposed” to “Accepted”

3. Once you have selected “Accepted” a new window will pop up that will tell you that the appointment will need to be marked as a Sold result and show the accepted quote is preselected.

4. Then you will click “Save & Create Job”. Next, you will see the Job Name is filled in with the Quote name and the products/prices will autopopulate based on what was quoted. It will also add a Tax Amount if applicable.

5. Click Save on the job and you are done with your “Good/Better/Best” quoting scenario!


Example 2: Resulting appointment as sold and choosing Quotes

1. In this example we have created 3 Quotes for 3 separate products for a potential customer.

2. First you will start by editing the sales appointment and adding an appointment result of SOLD. You will then select the quotes the customer has agreed to and click “Save & Create Job”.

We will select all 3 product quotes for this example:

3. After clicking “Save & Create Job” you will see that all products on the Quote are moved to the Job product/services section. The Job name is defaulted to one of the Quote names and the Tax Amount from all 3 quotes are summed up and added as one product line.

4. In the screenshot above you can see that the product/services section only shows the Product name. Once you click Save on the job, you will also be able to see the Details of each product on the Job Detail View.


To follow up, there is a “Quotes” tab/panel where you can see all quotes tied to appointments in one window:

NOTE: If by chance you click too fast or miss clicked and a Quote was passed, you can go back and add this at the Job Level. First you want to make sure the job is tied to the correct Inquiry/Appointment. This will give a list of quotes tied to that appointment. See below.

In this example, we will select the Roof Quote and click “Add Quote Lines”. You will then see the products be added.





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