MS Minis – Smart Mail Plus Overview

In this video, get the details about MarktSharp SmartMail PLUS, jobsite proximity marketing, to get another job in the neighborhood for every job completed. SmartMail PLUS is a neighborhood lead generation program. Integrated with MarketSharp Software, it allows you to create multi-channel campaigns automatically.

It combines personalized direct mail and web elements unique to the recently completed job. It’s the perfect combination of offline and online marketing. With SmartMail Plus, it takes less than a minute to launch a neighborhood campaign. It’s so simple and takes so little effort that it’s like having a virtual marketing assistant.

For as little as 83 cents per postcard (with a minimum 50 address order) you can launch a multimedia neighborhood jobsite campaign… you’ll get the the full-color postcard, the printing, the first-class presort postage, the call-to-action response mechanisms, the social sharing and the pre-designed landing page!!

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