One Click Contractor

One Click Contractor is an online or in-home sales presentation and estimator tool for your sales team. It will provide you with the ability to offer consistency in presentation, increased customer satisfaction, a complete visualization and design tool, estimating and pricing transparency and the ability to provide contracts with digital signatures!

And now with integration in MarketSharp, you’ll be able to push appointments to Once Click Contractor and then capture sales details like appointment result, result reason and notes for better record-keeping and immediate follow-up.

To enable One Click Contractor:

 Start by clicking on Admin link in the drop down in the upper right-hand corner of MarketSharp.

Choose One Click Contractor from the Apps and Add-on Setup box

Select the check box to ENABLE the One Click Contractor


To learn more NOW about One Click Contractor CLICK HERE! Or, Call us at 1-800-335-4254 ext. 1

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