PaySimple Integration

For more information or if you wish to sign up, please go to  After submission of that form, a PaySimple Representative will reach out to you to sign up or answer any questions you may have.

What to Expect after getting Approved:

  1. PaySimple notifies that you were approved and PaySimple is sending your API key to MarketSharp.  MarketSharp will implement the key within 24-48 hours and confirm once completed.
  2. PaySimple sends the API key to MarketSharp via a secure email by close of business on the day the you are approved.
  3. MarketSharp will implement the API key and an email is sent to you letting you know you are enabled within MarketSharp. The PaySimple Customer Success Manager (CSM) working your account will be cc’d on this email so they know when to reach out to begin the payment onboarding process.
  4. PaySimple CSM will reach out to welcome you and help you get started.

Using PaySimple in MarketSharp:

The PaySimple Integration can be found within the Job Finance area.  This is located with a Customer, under the Jobs tab and selecting the dollar sign on the right hand side.

Within the Job Finance area, is the Collect Payment button:

Although not necessary, adding a cash balance or finance balance can be helpful. This can be done at anytime before or after payments.

Click on Collect Payment in the lower right. The Collect Payment area will open up. This is where a payer will need to be added. Enter in the payers first name, last name and email along with the payer’s Credit Card or ACH.

Account Type for ACH can be either for Savings or Checking:

After the information has been entered, click save. The information will be saved and if a credit card was entered, it will be identified as a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

If more than one payer needs to be added, select the Add Payer icon. After adding the new payer, the new payer will be selected. Getting back to the previous payer, select the Payer dropdown to choose a new payer.

Each payer can have more than one credit card or ACH added. To add an additional way to pay, select the Add New button.

When there are multiple choices to select for the payment, the darker blue is the selected option for payment.
To modify the expiration date and or the zip code, select the pencil icon.

When there are multiple choices to select, the darker blue is the currently selected option for payment. Make sure to select the correct credit card/ACH before entering a Payment Amount, Payment Type and clicking Submit.

Select the correct payment option (if more than one) and enter in a Payment Amount.

Choose the correct Payment Type the payment is. This can be changed after the transaction has occurred if the wrong Payment Type was selected. Payment Type is an editable dropdown and the selections can be added, inactivated or modified.

Once the credit card/ACH is selected, Payment Amount entered and a Payment Type is selected.  Click on Submit to submit the payment to PaySimple for processing.

If the Payment Amount entered is more than the Amount Due, a dialogue box will show upon submit to verify the Payment Amount is correct.

If Ok is clicked, the charge will go through.  Select cancel if the Payment Amount is incorrect.

If the Payment Amount is equal to or under the Amount Due, a dialogue box will show up to verify the payment was submitted successfully.

Clicking Ok will go back to the Finance Area where the Contract Worksheet is updated and the payment has been logged.

The PaySimple Payment ID can be found by hovering over the question mark. This can be helpful in finding the transaction on PaySimple’s side.

For more information or if you wish to sign up, please go to  After submission of that form, a PaySimple Representative will reach out to you to sign up or answer any questions you may have!


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