PaySimple Payment Manager

The PaySimple Payment Manager is an easy way to reconcile payments that are made through PaySimple.  The PaySimple PaySimple Manager grabs all the payments made through PaySimple and puts them into MarketSharp for you to reconcile.  It is a great way to streamline your PaySimple Payments from PaySimple and add it to a contact’s job in MarketSharp.

If your company is not signed up for PaySimple or would like to learn more, please visit or take a look at our help page: PaySimple Integration

Or if your company is already using PaySimple, contact your PaySimple Customer Success Manager signed up to use this feature!

Accessing the PaySimple Payment Manager

The PaySimple Payment Manager is found under PaySimple Integration.

A permission is required to view the PaySimple Payment Manager.  If you not see the PaySimple Integration tile, you may not have permission to view it.  To change this, the permission is found within Employee Maintenance under Employee Setup.  Select the key for the user you wish to modify permissions for.  Expand Feature Permissions and Admin.  Check the box for PaySimple Setup and then save.

If you do not see Employee Maintenance and do not see the PaySimple Integration tile, you may need to contact your system admin to add that permission for you.  For information on how to add permissions can be found here: Employee Permissions

PaySimple Payment Manager

Within the PaySimple Payment Manager, you may see payments already showing up.  Every payment that is made through PaySimple can be found here.

If you cannot find the Payer/Payment you are looking for, selecting the PaySimple Payments row to expand search options

Each search criteria can be sorted by selecting the header of the search box

Reconciling a payment

Once the payment has been found, we will want to link that payment to a job in MarketSharp.  Selecting the blue link icon on the left side of the Payer’s Name will begin the process of linking that payment to a Job

By default, suggested contacts will appear.  These are MarketSharp contacts with their respective jobs.  If needed, these jobs can be collapsed by selecting the row the contact information is listed.  The suggested contacts are based off whether or not the PaySimple Customer is tied to any MarketSharp contacts.

The first thing to do on this page is to select a Payment Type.  Payment Type is a required field.  You will not be able to reconcile a payment without selecting a Payment Type.

If the suggested contacts are not the contacts in MarketSharp you are looking for or there are none, click on the Suggested Contacts row to expand your search.  You can search on Name, Email or Appointment Date.

It is very possible that you will receive a payment through PaySimple before the lead in MarketSharp is turned into a customer and a job is created.  If that does happen, when trying to reconcile the payment, there won’t be any jobs to expand and options to reconcile.  The example below is still a lead in MarketSharp and needs to be changed over to a customer and a job before the payment can be reconciled.

Users can select the name on the left to navigate to the contact and convert over to a customer and create a job.

When a job has been found that you wish to link the payment to, click on the blue link icon.

Once linked, you will be brought back to the first screen to link more payments and presented with a green confirmation message upon a successful link.

In addition, the payment will be added to the contact’s financial area and deducted from the balance due.  The description will be filled in with Pay Simple Reconciliation.

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