Production Tab

The tools available in the Production Tab help to stay on top of every task in a production process, easily spot bottlenecks, and increase installation volume.

Users can filter different Production Tasks for a specific date range, who they are assigned to, who sold them, what the product is, as well as the description or type of the task.

Production Tasks are created under the Jobs Tab of a Customer Record.

Add, Edit or Delete a Production Task 

Add an additional production task, edit, or delete from the Production Tab by clicking on the pencil icon corresponding with one of the tasks.

This pulls up the typical Edit Task box where new tasks can be added, or existing ones deleted. The specific task that corresponds with the blue edit pencil will be highlighted in yellow.


Production Tasks are created on the Customer Record via the Jobs Tab. Once created they are housed on the Production Tab; they cannot be created here.

To Delete Production Task, click on the blue trashcan icon that corresponds with the Production Task.


 Export to Excel®

Users can export Production Tab data to Microsoft Excel® by clicking the Export link.

Task View and Job View

Task View will show the individual Production Tasks within an entire job.  They will be color-coded based upon Expected Start and Expected End dates.  The Legend shows past due, due now, future work, and complete work.

Job View will show the full Production Processes in a collapsible/expandable format. There is still the option to filter jobs by who they are assigned to, who sold them, what the process or product is, as well as a specific date range.

Job View also contains a Backlog that shows how many jobs are complete, due now, overdue, and due in the future.  It also shows any specific Production Tasks within a Process that aren’t set with a date yet.

To view the details about a job, click the plus sign that corresponds with the Production Process the job is using

This will show the job site address, the product, job number, product manager, as well as if there are any Custom Steps. This means there are Production Tasks that are either added, deleted, or changed from the way the Production Process is setup on the back-end.

It will also show the Expected dates of the different Production Tasks within the Production Process.

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