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MarketSharp M now has a field called Project Manager.  It is a customer only field, and can be found in the Details link and the Production link of a job.

Project Manager Field:

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  • The Project Manager dropdown is populated using permissions in the employee maintenance area in MarketSharp. Therefore, to add people to this field, they will need to be an employee.

To Add an Employee to the Project Manager Dropdown:

  • Click on Admin in the upper right hand corner of your MarketSharp Program
    1. NOTE: you will need to have Admin permissions to see the Admin Link
  • Choose Employee Maintenance
  • Click on the picture of the Key to the left of the employee’s name that you wish to edit

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  • Scroll down to “List Permissions”
  • Put a Check Mark to the left of “Project Manager”

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  • Choose “Save”


Sales Report by Project Manager:

  • The Sales Report by Project Manager is a report of jobs that are grouped by Project Manger. The report gives the options to use All Records, Contract Date Range, Job Sale Date Range, Job Completion Date Range, and Product Sale Date Range to show products and the Project Manager that was listed.
  • Keep in mind that the Project Manager field is located in the details/production area of the MarketSharp System and if there are multiple products, there could be multiple Project Managers.

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