Quick Lead Entry and Call In Scripting

Quick Lead Entry and Call In Scripts are used within MarketSharp when a potential customer inquires about your business, and are meant to assist with phone conversation flow.  These scripts are available when entering a new lead into the system.

Setting Up Quick Lead Entry & Call In Scripts

Click the Admin link from the drop-down in the upper right corner of MarketSharp

Find the Quick Lead Entry and Scripting Setup box and click the Quick Lead Entry and Call In Script Setup link.

There are two default options available; Quick Lead Entry and Phone Script With Lead Entry.

To edit an existing script, click the blue edit pencil. Click Edit Script Name to rename the script.

Type the new name and click Save

The scripts are created in sections so that lead information can be collected smoothly, and representatives can transition through the conversation naturally.  It starts with collecting contact information, to entering their inquiry, to setting an appointment.  Each section as data entry fields to choose from so the representative is entering the required information while on the call.

The Quick Lead Entry setup is very similar, as there are data entry fields to choose from, however, this isn’t a default script to follow.

Text can still be added above and below the data entry fields, however. The name can also be edited.

Adding a New Lead With a Script

On the Contacts Tab, go to Leads Record View

Click the Add Lead With Script button. Choose which script option you’d like from the drop-down

The first portion of the script asks to Search for Contact. This is just to prevent any duplicate leads from being entered.


If the search results show no matching contacts, choose Create New Contact. The script will then proceed to the next section. There is also the option to save any entered information and close out of the script.



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