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Before print files are available in the Quick Print drop-down, they need to be added via Quick Print Setup

Quick Print Setup

Go to the Contacts Tab

Click on Print Assistant under the section of Contacts that the print file exists. This example will use a Lead Sheet.

Choose Quick Print Setup

Choose Other Mailers, then put a check mark next to the print file that should appear in the Quick Print drop-down (in this example, Lead Sheet Detail)

That’s it! As long as there is a check mark in the box next to the print file, it will appear in the Quick Print drop-down.

Using Quick Print Drop-Down

Go to the Contacts Tab

Find the Lead Record using the Quick Find

Once on Lead Record View, find the Lead Sheet Detail in the Quick Print drop-down

Select it, then click the blue PDF icon

Choose which data to merge (if there are multiple Appointments or Inquiries), choose whether to log an activity, then click Download PDF

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