How to Setup the Quick Books Link


1) Click on the Admin Section

2) Right click on the QB Web Connector to open in a new tab

3) Download the QB Web Connector

4) Go back to the Admin section

5) Download the config file to the desktop

6) Install the Web Connector (uses a wizard)

7) Open the Web Connector (Start—All programs—QuickBooks—Web Connector)

8) Click on ‘Add Application’ in the bottom right corner

9) Select the QWC file that you saved to the desktop

10) Note:  An application certificate may pop up—Choose an option on the left

11)  Go to the Web Connector

12) Type in the MarketSharp M password for the M user’s account that you downloaded the Web Connector from in the ‘Password’ area

13) Go to MarketSharp M

14) Tag the person in M to push to QB

15) Go to the Web Connector

16) Select the check box on the far left

17) Click ‘Update Selected’ at the top

18) Note:  There is a progress bar at the bottom and errors will populate under ‘Status’ (to the right of the password

19)  Check for the pushed name in QB

20) Loudly announce “TA DAH!!!”  🙂

Helpful Hints:

Sign into QuickBooks as Admin before doing the download—not all users can add applications and push things into QB

IF there is a random error when adding the application—try changing the QWC file—open the QWC file in notepad—find the below sequence—change the second number in the sequence to reflect one digit higher.


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