QuickBooks Desktop Setup

Setting up Quickbooks Desktop 

To start, head to the System Administration page.

Locate the Quickbooks Integration box and click on the Quickbooks Setup link.

Make sure Desktop is selected and there is a checkmark in the box next to Enable Quickbooks Desktop Integration.

Please Note: Depending on your version of Quickbooks Desktop, you no longer need to download the Quickbooks Web Connector as it’s built into the program.

Click on the link to Download and Install the Configuration File.

Open Quickbooks Desktop. Click File, then App Management, then Update Web Services

This will open the Quickbooks Web Connector. Click Add an Application to open your file explorer. Find where you saved the Configuration File, select it, then choose Open.


You may see this message:

If so, an edit needs to be made to the configuration file. Open up Notepad on your PC. Click File then Open  and locate your Configuration File in the file explorer. Make sure you change the file type to All Files or you won’t find it.

When you open it, find where it says http and type an right after the p.

Click File then Save. Now open your Quickbooks Web Connector again and click Add an Application.

Locate your newly updated Configuration file and select it and click open. You’ll see a message asking you to grant access to MarketSharp Web Service. Click OK.

Quickbooks will ask again for MarketSharp to have access to your company file. Choose whichever option you prefer. Suggested is Yes, whenever this Quickbooks Company File is open. 

You’ll get one more reminder, on which you can click Done.

Your configuration file should now be added to your Quickbooks Web Connector

Enter the MarketSharp password for the user in which you downloaded the Configuration file from. Hit enter on your keyboard to save it.

When you are ready to push customers/jobs over to Quickbooks, check the box on the customer record in MaketSharp that says Push to Quickbooks Desktop. 

Next, open the Quickbooks Web Connector and place a checkmark on the left of the application. Click Update Selected to run it.

Helpful Hints:

Sign into QuickBooks as Admin before doing the download—not all users can add applications and push things into Quickbooks

If you see a message about needing a unique file ID/Owner ID, you’ll need to edit the configuration file once again. Open in Notepad as done previously and find the below sequence. Change the second digit to a different number then save. Now add it to the web connector and proceed as normal.

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