QuickBooks Log Report

The QuickBooks Desktop Log Report shows the list of transactions that have happened between the desktop version of QuickBooks and MarketSharp.  (More information on setting up and using the QuickBooks Web Connector can be found here: 


QuickBooks Log Report Image

Report Columns DisplayedDescription
DateThe date the transaction occurred (date of action)
ActionWhat action was performed (example: job added or contact added)
Item OIDUsed by Development and Technical Support to determine the Job or Customer in MarketSharp
QuickBooks IDThe Job ID or Contact ID in QuickBooks
QuickBooks NameThe Job Name or Contact Name as it is shown in QuickBooks
Status CodeDisplays whether a transaction completed successfully or unsuccessfully (0 = successful)
Status SeverityUsed by Development to gather error information if present
Status MessageDisplays details of the success or failure of the transaction
Filtering Options (ie-Date Range)
Past 7 Days
Past 30 Days
Date of Action Range
Grouping Options

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