Quote Templates

Creating Quote Templates

Adding Quote Templates will help save you a lot of data entry when creating quotes for each client. Once a Template is created, you be will able to select the Template when generating a Quote for a potential customer. It will load the products and product pricing automatically after the set up is completed in the Admin section!

  1. Go to Admin page

2. Find the Quoting Setup section and click on “Quote Templates”

3. On the screen seen here, you will be able to Add a New Template, edit a current Template, or remove a template that may not need to be used anymore.

4. Below you can see how you will be able to customize the specific details of a Template. You will need to create a Template Name and from there you can add Product Items (1), move the product items to change the order (2), select which Product Details and Product Types you want to use (3), select the quantity of the product (4), mark if the product should be taxed or not (5), and remove any products you no longer need in the Template (6).

5. Click Save Template when finished editing!


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