Release Notes 2.01 – June 29 2017

New Features, Enhancements and App Updates!


The 2.01 release offers you a plethora of much requested enhancements. Once logged in, you’ll notice:

  • The ability to add TEXTING to your follow-up arsenal
  • Improved Performance for Dashboards, Upper Level Tabs, Exporting from Activity List and more
  • Better efficiency when adding a Job
  • New integrations with Modernize and One Click Contractor
  • And numerous fixes for many reported issues


Be sure to review all the information within this document and should you have any questions, please reach out to the Client Success Team for support at 1-800-596-4368!



  • MarketSharp Texting

Did you know 95% of text messages are read within five minutes of receiving them? With MarketSharp Texting you can send manual or automated one-off reminders and notices to alert your leads, customers and employees of upcoming activities. With integrated technology, you can easily create text campaigns using built-for-you templated messages or create your own custom personalized text (be careful, texting has rules so it cannot be used as a marketing tool – see SMS Agreement Notice in MarketSharp Messaging Setup). However, for reminders, alerts or special notices, it’s an extremely affordable and effective way to reach your contacts for immediate exposure and response!


The texting feature works very similar to MarketSharp Auto Email.  You can send one-off personal texts to your clients or you can queue up automated texts to be sent from within an automated process.  All texts will display in the Activities panel (as pending or completed).  You can also automatically send reminders to staff (i.e. remind salespeople of an upcoming appointment).  If recipient replies to a text, you’ll get an email notification with the text response.

To set-up MarketSharp Texting:

  1. Start by clicking on “Admin” link in the upper right-hand corner of MarketSharp. (you must have administrator permissions to do this)
  2. Choose “MarketSharp Text Message Setup”
  3. Enter an ACCOUNT NAME (i.e. Your Company Name) then click on “Create”
  4. Read the MarketSharp SMS (texting) Policy and click “Accept” if you agree.
  5. Click on the blue “Plus Sign (+)” to add a texting phone number
  6. From the dropdown choose either your Area Code or Zip Code, then enter the corresponding Area Code Number or Zip Code Number and click on “Find Numbers”
  7. Once you find the texting number, click on the “Add” link and the text number is now available for use.
  8. Under your text messaging account, you can view:
    1. The status of your Total Text Message Segments
    2. View the Incoming and Outgoing counts,
    3. Add (or delete) additional text numbers (Note: should you decide to ever delete the designated texting number it is NOT recoverable.)
    4. Choose the appropriate staff members to receive incoming text messages via email








View or Create Text Templates:

  1. Start by clicking on “Admin” link in the upper right-hand corner of MarketSharp (remember, you must have administrator permissions to do this)

      2. Choose “MarketSharp Text Message Templates”. You’ll notice sections for Custom Templates and Standard Templates

  1. To create a new Custom Template:
    1. Enter the text message NAME
    2. Chose the type of CONTACT from the dropdown of company CONTACT or EMPLOYEE (the employee must have a valid mobile phone number in Employee Maintenance),
    3. Enter your text MESSAGE (you can insert important merge fields in to the message)
    4. Click on SAVE
  2. Or you can select to use a pre-defined, (non-editable) Standard Template. (HINT: You can copy and paste a standard template to modify into a Custom Template if you wish.)

To Create an Activity Process for Texting:

  1. Start by clicking on “Admin” link in the upper right-hand corner of MarketSharp (remember, you must have administrator permissions to do this)
  2. Click on Activity Process link under the category Process Set-up
  3. You can either Add a new process (click on Add Process Button), Duplicate an Existing Process (click on Pages icon) or Edit an Existing Process (click on Pencil icon). For demonstration, let’s DUPLICATE a process and then add texting to it.
  4. To duplicate, click on the Pages Icon next to the process, you’d like to duplicate (i.e. Pre- Appointment Marketing Process)
  5. Name your new process: For demo purposes it’s labeled “Pre-Appt Process – 5 Steps” (it includes 2 emails, 2 texts and 1 Mailer.)
  6. Click on “Add A Process Step” button
  7. Complete the field information to add a text to the step. Fill in Type (i.e. TEXT OUT), Reference (i.e. Appointment Reminder), Assign To, Due Date/Time (when its scheduled to take place), Reminders and the Template (choose corresponding text template)
  8. Add another process or Click on SAVE

Now, the recipient will get an automated text reminder about the upcoming appointment one day before the appointment date.


To Add an Automation Rule for an Appointment:


Here’s where you can assign the activity process to the appropriate Appointment Result so it triggers the activity to take place automatically.

  1. Since the sample above was for a pre-appointment process, you need to update the Appointment Result of Pending with the Activity Process of: Pre-Appt Process – 5 Steps from the dropdown
  2. Click on Save

When you add an appointment and result it as Pending… the Pre-Appt Process – 5 Steps will automatically trigger.

To schedule a Text:

  1. From leads or customers, find the Contact receiving the text
  2. Click on the Activities Tab
  3. Choose Add Activity
  4. Choose Text Out from the Type dropdown field
  5. Click on the check box labeled Auto Send Text.
  6. Once checked, complete info for DATE, TIME and TEXT TEMPLATE. The TO field will auto-populate with a texting number.
  7. Choose Save


Ready to Get Started?

The BIG question… Is there a fee? Yes, the cost is $35/month for up to 700 text message segments* and 5 cents per text message segment for any overage. The texting service includes up to 5 phone numbers (each number is good for up to 200 texts per day).

To add texting to your MarketSharp system, simply reach out to your MarketSharp Account Rep at 1-800-335-4254 ext. 1.

* A text message segment equals 160 characters.

  • Step-by-Step ‘How To’ Guides


When you login to MarketSharp, you’ll notice a new GREEN tab in the upper right corner                                    offering you the ability to view a walk through. These step-by-step help guides will demonstrate how-to’s within MarketSharp (i.e. How to enter a lead).


As the utility evolves we will be adding more and more guides to help you navigate the various areas of MarketSharp. Think of the walk-through as a quick tutorial you can view when a function or feature in the program isn’t resonating with you.




  • When you log into MarketSharp, you’ll notice the Dashboard utility’s layout has been modified to include two columns (each Dashboard widget sits side by side) when in wide screen view. This more responsive design allows for better viewing of your company’s overall performance indicators.
  • In addition, you’ll notice a highly requested and NEW dashboard: Company Performance Ratio (AKA… the Rodney Ratio)
  • To save you time, you’ll experience faster load times when                                                                   reconfiguring any of the Dashboards.

When you add a Job from customers in MarketSharp, you’ll notice a couple of tasks will occur automatically including:


  • The Jobsite Address will auto populate with the Inquiry Jobsite Address if initially entered.
  • A BLANK Product/Service row will be auto inserted.

The default Contract Date will be updated with the Current Date.


To make your MarketSharp experience as expeditious as possible,         many performance improvements have been made to speed up load times. Based upon the amount of data, you will notice information appears more instantaneously including:

  • Faster filtering for the upper levels tabs of Activity lists, Sales, Production and Service
  • Quicker exporting of records out of Activity List
  • And, better responsiveness of the new calendar control



When an activity process is added from a production step, the created activity will be linked to the production step. This greatly improves clarity when following up because you’ll have the ability to immediately view details about the overall production step.



Link activity is now enabled in Mobile which helps you become more efficient when in the field. You can link an Activity to inquiry, appointment, job, production task or service order. Huge time saver!!





Major enhancements have been made to the Instant Booking integration to allow                                                        for better appointment setting. Now, when a homeowner books an appointment using the HA Instant Booking online feature, you have better visibility about the appointment such as:

  • MarketSharp users can be marked as HA resources (under company settings, then Home Advisor Instant Booking).  Your MarketSharp calendar availability is then reflected on the HomeAdvisor booking website automatically.
  • MarketSharp has slot reconciliation with HomeAdvisor slots.  HomeAdvisor scheduling is every hour on the hour for every type of appointment, regardless of appointment duration.  MarketSharp is more accommodating in that it takes into account company start, then the appointment duration of ½ hour, 1 hour or 2 hour to make appropriate ‘slots’.


To add this feature to MarketSharp, you’ll first need to log into your HomeAdvisor Pro account. Then choose Account, then find the link Manage my calendar. Click on the Sync with MarketSharp box then choose the enable link.  You’ll be redirected to authorize the connection, enter your MarketSharp login credentials and click on the Authorize button. In MarketSharp, click on Admin within Apps & Integrations choose HomeAdvisor Instant Booking Maintenance.

You’ll want to update your lead sources to HomeAdvisor (primary), Instant Booking (secondary). And additionally, update the inquiry status, appt. result and email notifications. Once connected, homeowners will choose a “Book Now” Button in HomeAdvisor (which currently defaults to a one-hour time slot), MarketSharp will check for duplicates, if a current record is found, it will update the record or add the new record. For help with HomeAdvisor Instant Booking contact… Chris Dudley, Account Executive, Strategic Partnerships email: [email protected] or call direct: 1-303-963-8530.

Not a HomeAdvisor Client? MarketSharp has arranged for a special offer on pricing, rebates, etc.  Visit for more info and to get registered.


One Click Contractor is an online or in-home sales presentation and estimator                                                             tool for your sales team. It will provide you with the ability to offer consistency in presentation, increased customer satisfaction, a complete visualization and design tool, estimating and pricing transparency and the ability to provide contracts with digital signatures!


And now with integration in MarketSharp, you’ll be able to push appointments to Once Click Contractor and then capture sales details like appointment result, result reason and notes for better record-keeping and immediate follow-up.

To enable One Click Contractor:    


  1. Start by clicking on “Admin” link in the upper right-hand corner of MarketSharp. (you must have administrator permissions to do this)
  2. Choose “One Click Contractor” from the Apps and Add-on Setup
  3. Select the check box to ENABLE the One Click Contractor



In the next couple of weeks you’ll receive more details about One Click Contractor via email and a special invite to a webinar to see it in action.   


To learn more NOW about One Click Contractor CLICK HERE! Or, Call us at 1-800-335-4254 ext. 1





As you may know, MarketSharp is already connected to Modernize (a home improvement lead generation service) through Lead Capture integration. However, we’ve enhanced the integration by automatically pushing the status of submitted leads back to Modernize should you choose to enable this feature. With this enhancement, there’s no need for you to do any manual exporting of the status.


To enable the new Modernize Lead Access feature:

  1. Start by clicking on “Admin” link in the upper right-hand corner of MarketSharp. (you must have administrator  permissions to do this)
  2. Choose “Modernize” from the Lead Capture Setup
  3. Select the check box “Allow Modernize…” to authorize your approval to access your lead data generated by Modernize.


To learn more about Modernize CLICK HERE! Or, Call us at 1-800-335-4254 ext. 1






  • When in Tools, Log-in History: Rather than showing 0 (zero) if an employee was logged in to MarketSharp less than one minute, now it will show a minimum duration of 1 (one) minute.
  • An error has been resolved when filtering on an Activity Result in Contact List View using Contains or Not Contains.
  • All lines of notes will now be exported when in the Sales Tab. (Previously, if notes contained line returns only the first line was exported.)
  • You are now able to delete scheduled reports from Reporting in Corporate Admin.
  • In Admin: Lead Capture – adding a value in the ‘Edit this List’ dropdown is now selectable.



Looking forward to adding more features and functionality in 2017! We truly appreciate all the feedback offered to improve the usage and successfulness of MarketSharp for you and your company.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call support at 1-800-596-4368.



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