Release Notes 2.07 – May 22 2018



You’ll find a new way to present Production Job data. Currently, in the Phase 1 release, it is read-only, but in a future release we will be adding ‘actionable’ features such as setting process step dates based on user feedback.


Here’s a few notable items about the new Production Job View:

  • The view is grouped by Production Process
  • You’ll see visual indicators for production status
  • Exciting!! You can view the overall financial impact of the entire job backlog, by status!
  • In addition, you will have a NEW button in upper left of the Production screen to allow you to easily flip between the new “Job View” and the old “Task View”.


Below you’ll find the details about the new Production Job View:


Production Job View

The initial release of the Job View is Read-Only.  This means that new data cannot be entered from this area.

The Production Job View can be accessed from the Production tab of MarketSharp

It is in the upper left of the Production tab next to Task View

The Job View works with production processes that can be setup in admin under Process Setup and selecting Production Process

Located on the right, is a “+” icon.  Select that icon to expand the production processes you want to view.

If you want to view only one type of production process, you can select the Process dropdown and choose your Production process.

The colors on the right-hand side for your production process indicate the status of the step.  The Backlog (upper right) is there to reference what those colors mean.  The dollar values are being populated from product

prices.  It shows how much money is being left in incomplete production steps.

If there are any steps that get added to the production process that are not part of the original production process, the custom steps will show a check mark indicating there has been steps added to the original process.

Like the Task View, you can modify the view in the Job View.  Select Add next to the View dropdown to modify the view.

You can now search for View options to find them faster:

You can also move more than one item over at a time from Available fields to Selected Fields.  To do this, hold down the Control key on the keyboard and left click the items you want to move over.  Once that is done, select the single arrow pointing to the right to move your selected fields over.

Don’t forget to add a List View Name, it is required.  Then Save


You have the ability to push payments from MarketSharp to Quickbooks Online as unapplied payments. This helps to avoid double entry and increase data integrity which saves you valuable time and increases efficiency.



Several reported calendar issues have been corrected for your convenience. Here’s a few to highlight:

  • Save and Email Event – An error has been corrected regarding the absence of subject and description information from the email that is sent.
  • Child Company Accounts – Calendar categories are now showing for any child company accounts in Call Center.



GuildQuality Export has been renamed to Customer Job Export.



An error in the Call Frequency calculation has been corrected.


Looking forward to adding more features and functionality in 2018! We truly appreciate all the feedback offered to improve the usage and successfulness of MarketSharp for you and your company.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call support at 1-800-596-4368.





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