Release Notes 2.08 – June 19 2018

Enhancements and Updates!


Check out the 2.08 release! It includes enhancements, updates and fixes that were next in line for release! Even though many of these enhancements contribute behind the scenes, you will notice some major fixes and they will make your MarketSharp experience simply, BETTER!


Be sure to review all the information within this document and should you have any questions, please reach out to the Client Care Team for support at 1-800-596-4368!




You’ll find a couple of tremendously helpful items to improve your reporting experience.

Here’s a few notable items about Reporting:


  • Grouping: A Product Sold grouping option has been added to the detailed reports (more details below). This will improve the tracking of products sold for your company. In addition, the grouping items have been alphabetized for faster searching.
  • Recurring Monthly Reports: A bug was fixed to allow ALL days in previous month to tally accurately.


Grouping by Product Sold Overview


The new Product Sold grouping option gives flexibility to find out more information about the products you sell.  (The Product Sold is looking at the products at the job level.  This is not to be confused with Product Interest which is looking at what product at the inquiry level.)


The Product Sold grouping option can be found by going to the Reporting tab, selecting either the Detailed Marketing Report or the Detailed Sales Report and choosing a grouping option under Group Setup.

What are some things we can do by grouping Products Sold? Below you’ll find 3 examples of using the new Product Sold grouping:

  • Based on product, what is your best lead source?

  • In what area are your products being sold the most? This could information could spark more direct marketing to that area for a specific product!

  • How many sales of each product do you sell per month?


You’ll find the system has been modified by improving error handling.



Several reported calendar issues have been corrected for your convenience. Here’s a few to highlight:

  • Improved Performance: The initial load time has been decreased when navigating the calendar.
  • Timeline: Based on client feedback, the system has been updated to improve resource handling.



An error when trying to Add a New Calling Queue AFTER Deleting All Existing Calling Queues has been corrected.



Looking forward to adding more features and functionality in 2018! We truly appreciate all the feedback offered to improve the usage and successfulness of MarketSharp for you and your company.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call support at 1-800-596-4368.





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